About the Podcast

If you’ve been wanting to write a musical or are curious of how it’s done, The Late Morning Show with Missy Hardy offers tips, strategies and encouragement to help you create the book and/or songs for your dream musical theatre or movie musical production.

*the book of a musical is also understood as the script

Wait, who is Missy Hardy?

Hi, my name is Missy Hardy. You can call me Missy. That's cool and I'm a musical writer (composer/lyricist/librettist), screenwriter, director and educator. I love helping people succeed, go far and see dreams come true. It means a lot to me to help make a difference in peoples' lives and encourage people to remember that if they think they can, then they can. This I know from personal experience.

That's just a little bit about me. Stay tuned as my latest project (currently January 2023), Rahab's House will be coming to the big screen once fully funded. I tell you what, that'll be a dream come true for a lot of people...myself included. Until then, I'll continue to do what I recommend to my students which is to keep writing, keep trying, keep knocking because one day the door will open and what a day of rejoicing that'll be.

God bless you and I hope you enjoy the podcast.